About us

At the Vinyl Spot we offer comprehensive resources, supplies, and equipment for heat press T-shirt & hoodie printing. We're committed to providing valuable information, quality material, and superb customer service.

We are in the business of bringing ideas to life. The Vinyl Spot is a community space, we are more than a business that provides all of the resources needed to create one's own equity. Our commitment to the culture is found in our support, dependability and the information and the tools we provide. We treat every customer like family, Every dream like an idea, and every moment of your experience, we capture together at The Vinyl Spot.

The Vinyl Spot services and appeals to those entrepreneurs and movement makers with an interest in putting their fingerprint on the world. We provide supplies, self-service tools and resources for comprehensive heat press products and merchandise. Your brand deserves the value and quality you took to dream it. With our superb customer service and satisfaction we have created The BK Design Cafe. Here, as valued members of our community, you can find services and the resources to know:
- How to do it
- Where to get what you need
- The tools necessary to make it happen
- Design and real life examples of people like you and I

Our community, our experience and superb customer service saves our members the overhead of mistakes with direction, accessibility without the bulky equipment and a flawless finished product without stains and messes. All at The Vinyl Spot.